The importance of auditors as trusted advisors and their role in the financial reporting has increased manifold in the present era.  We at Mradul Agarwal & Associates understand that to deliver quality audit and assurance services, we must look beyond the traditional ways and understand stakeholders concerns relating to performance, privacy, risk, controls, and data analysis. We have redefined the way clients view audit and assurance by providing systemic approach to reporting, and providing relevant and authentic solutions that enables clients to make better decisions through up-to-date information.

Our audit begins with understanding client’s area of operation and identifying major risk areas. We work closely with the client to comply with Accounting Standards, Standards on Auditing and other applicable provisions of the law. In delivering these services, we adhere to the highest standards of independence, professional objectivity and technical excellence.

Statutory Audit

Our firm has been appointed Statutory Auditors of various corporations, both listed as well as private. We pride ourselves in providing qualitative suggestions, inputs and insights based on our sound technical knowledge & experience. We proactively keep clients abreast of the latest updates and ensure that financial statements are true and fair and fulfil statutory requirements.

Internal Audit

With the advent of the Companies Act 2013, it has become mandatory for various class or classes of companies to appoint an internal auditor. We provide internal audit services adding considerable value to our clients by way of providing recommendations for process improvements.

Tax Audit

We carry out Tax Audit as per the provisions under the Income Tax Act for various corporations and firms. Our endeavour is to help our clients undertake a correct assessment of their tax by reviewing the incomes chargeable to tax, disallowances and deductions there from, under the various provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961.